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Guiding Statements



The following serve s the rule and guide for the Belfast Adult Education (BAE) program.


The instructional program at BAE is based on the philosophy that learning takes place as long as there is life and that the learning process is the most effective when new opportunities build on existing eqperience and knowledge.


The vision embedded in all learning opportunitites at BAE is that every enrolled indiviual will develop:  a strong sense of self worth; an understanding of one's own learning potential; and a learning plan that is based on personal goals and objectives and results in personal achievement.


The stated mission of BAE is to provide learning opportunitites to adults sixteen years of age and older residing in the greater RSU #20 community that address individual educational needs through a flexible, inclusive and supportive delivery system that uses a variety of instructional methodologies.


The staff of Belfast Adult Education -

-Affirm the worth of every individual and our conviction that every individual can learn taking into account an individual's learning styles.

-Provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment for learning that is conducive to developing self-esteem, self-actualization and empowerment and are grounded in current research and adult learning theory.

-Will create a healthy and supportive work environment that recognizes and builds on the strengths and talents of individual team members in order to achieve success.

-Are learner-centered personally addressing indivudual learning needs by offering guidance, direction and support when needed and lookiing at all issues as opportunities for change and improvement.

-Are barrier free and accesible to all providing flexible schedules and convenient locations.

-Are acccountable to the public through performance measures for the services we offer and are responsive to community needs by being aware of economic and social developments tailoring our educaitonal oferings accordingly.

-Function as a team by pooling their strengths and talents and collaborting extensively among themselves as well as with other educatiors, business people, social servics and job training programs. 





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6B Lions Way • Belfast, Maine 04915 • (207)338-3197 • Fax: (207)338-2960