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Distance Learning Center

What about learning on line?  Belfast Adult Education has joined several distance learning / on line organizations to bring a variety of learning opportunities to Waldo County.  To learn more about the educational organizations with whom the program is partnered, click on  the link in blue.

Belfast Adult Education currently partners with several private distance learning/on line educational orgainzations and provides information on how to access distance learning for the GED testing program.  The three private organizations are:  Condensed Curriculum International, Ed2Go and Midwest Paralegal Studies.  A brief description of each organization is given below with a link to more information such as course descriptions, registration and contact information. 



A+NyWhere is a computer based learning system on which adult learners may take a variety of subjects suitable for high school diploma, work certificates and general interest.  Learners must access the A+ system through the learning center computer laboratory.  This is not an on line learning program.

Condensed Curriculum International

(Click on this link for more information) is a distance learning / on line educational organization that specializes in courses relating to the healthcare field.  CCI first joined Belfast Adult Education through local face to face classes.  Recently, CCI has implemented an on line learning opportunity for students who have the technology and desire to use this mode of learning.  CCI and Belfast Adult Educaiton will continue to provide courses in both local, face to face classroom based courses as well as the on line opportunity.  Distance Learning / on line is an open enrollment option that may be accessed at any time.  Please refer to the Belfast Adult Education section of the regional brochure for information regarding the local course offerings. Current programs scheduled for local participation include Medical Coding and Billing, Pharmacy Assistant and Clinical Medical Assistant.


Ed2Go and Belfast Adult Education have been partners for the past several years bringing to Waldo County a large array of courses focused primarily on technology.  Ed2Go has broadened its course offerings over the past few years to include healthcare, education, organizational management and leadership and finance.  Ed2Go offers over 300 courses on line as either individual courses or part of a comprehensive program of study..

The learner makes all arrangements for participating in Ed2Go classes by clicking on the web site listed below. To view a sample course catalog for Ed2Go, click on Ed2Go.  The Ed2Go catalog may be obtained from the partner web site


OdysseyWare is a web based, on line, distance learning program.  Adult learners may take courses leading toward a high school diploma, work skills certificates, general enrichment, or test preparation.  Adults interested in using this format for learning schould contact the main office for more information or look up OdysseyWare in the fall brochure.

Paralegal Studies - On Line legal Assistant Study Program

Midwest Paralegal Studies, in association with Belfast Adult Education, is offering a 12-month certificate of completion. For program details and questions, contact the instructor, Mr. Zoran Perovanovich via email, , or visit the website This professional non- credit program is recommended for those in the legal profession seeking advancement or for someone interested in a career change. It is open to anyone with a high school diploma/GED. Each course in the program has a registration fee of $195 that includes all study materials. The courses may be taken in any order at the start of each class term. This program begins with a "FREE" orientation seminar at this link: .

HiSET Test Prep Websites

State of Maine HiSET regulations requre that adult learners students complete a preparatory program prior to taking the actual HiSET tests. Additional resources for students working to obtain their HiSET may be found at,


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